VI Sport North East

A banner of sports images showing from left to right, a swimming pool, some stones near a target on the floor, a man aiming a bow and arrow, five men and women in a rowing boat on the water, and a woman taking aim to bowl in cricket.


"After losing my sight I thought my life was over. Once getting life back on track I started looking at sport and fitness to help me feel better. I struggled to find clubs suitable but once I did there was no stopping me. I now play Cricket, Take part in Rowing, new age Kurling & gym sessions, I even re trained and now teach cricket and am a fitness instructor. I have gained confidence through sport and fitness as well as some great friends."

Emma Gilfoyle

"I never thought in 1 million years that someone like me would be able to take part in Rowing to the standard we have reached."

Julie Fox

"At the age of fourteen when I became registered as severely sight impaired, I thought that would be a life prison sentence. However with the support of my wonderful family and amazing friends, I’ve managed to make so many of my dreams into reality. Never for one minute did I ever think, I would get the opportunity to drive a duel controlled car around a track, play cricket, take part in rowing, archery, tennis, walking with friends, going to the gym, cycling on a tandem and now I have had the amazing opportunity of experiencing what it feels like to cycle a track tandem around the velidrome. Never listen when you are told that it is impossible to achieve your goals in life. With the right support and your own determination anything is possible."

Nadeem Mughal